Journal of Orthopaedic Surgery

Published three issues a year starting 2005, the Journal of Orthopaedic Surgery is the official publication of the Asia Pacific Orthopaedic Association. Since 1962, the Journal has been an international forum for scientific research. It allows orthopaedic surgeons and scientists of the Asia Pacific Region to continuously update themselves with the latest discoveries and advances of orthopaedic surgery.

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Vol 24, No 2 (2016)

Table of Contents


Editorial: Open access model for the Journal of Orthopaedic Surgery PDF
David Choon


Commentary: Dynamic hip screw fixation versus multiple screw fixation for intracapsular hip fracture PDF
Tak Man Wong
Commentary: Clinical benefits of patientmatched instrumentation for total knee arthroplasty PDF
Tetsuya Tomita

Original Articles

Dynamic hip screw fixation versus multiple screw fixation for intracapsular hip fracture PDF
Prithee Jettoo, Philip James
Predictors of mortality in patients with femoral neck fracture PDF
Lisa Major, John B North
Predictors for rehabilitation outcome in Asian geriatric hip fracture patients PDF
Cheryl Gatot, Andrew Chia Chen Chou, Tet Sen Howe, William Yeo, Hwei Chi Chong, Joyce Suang Bee Koh
Preoperative radiography versus computed tomography for surgical planning for ankle fractures PDF
KA HEI LEUNG, Christian Xin Shuo Fang, Tak Wing Lau, Frankie Ka Li Leung
Conservative versus surgical treatment for displaced fracture of the medial process of the calcaneal tuberosity PDF
Bing Li, Gen-Bin Wu, Yun-Feng Yang
Prone versus supine position during surgery for supracondylar humeral fractures PDF
Olcay Guler, Serhat Mutlu, Mehmet Isyar, Harun Mutlu, Halis Cerci, Mahir Mahirogullar─▒
Alignment and component position after patient-matched instrumentation versus conventional total knee arthroplasty PDF
Nick Pourgiezis, SUNIL PUTALAPATTU REDDY, Mark Nankivell, Gordon Morrison, John VanEssen
Patient-specific instrumentation versus conventional instrumentation in total knee arthroplasty PDF
Warwick Chun-Wang Chan, Elizabeth Pinder, Mark Loeffler
Topical tranexamic acid versus autotransfusion after total knee arthroplasty PDF
yunus guzel, Osman T Gurcan, Umut H Golge, Turan C Dulgeroglu, Hasan Metineren
Preoperative ropivacaine with or without tramadol for femoral nerve block in total knee arthroplasty PDF
Qi-feng Tang, Xiao-lin Li, Li-xin Yu, Yue-feng Hao, Guohai Lu
Microfracture technique versus carbon fibre rod implantation for treatment of knee articular cartilage lesions PDF
Uygar Dasar, Safa Gursoy, Mustafa Akkaya, Oktay Algin, Cetin Isik, Murat Bozkurt
Length, thickness, and elasticity of the patellar tendon after closed wedge high tibial osteotomy: a shear wave elastographic study PDF
Huseyin Botanlioglu, Gokhan Kaynak, Fatih Kantarci, Mehmet Fatih Guven, Gokhan Zengin, Onder Aydingoz
Correlation between the distal anterior femoral cortical axis and femoral rotational alignment: an anatomic study PDF
Sathappan S Sathappan, Marcus Wei Ping Tan, Daniel Ginat, Michael G Walsh, Mark E Schweitzer, Paul E Di Cesare
Intra-operative blood salvage in total hip and knee arthroplasty PDF
Michael Dan, David Liu, Sara Martinez Martos, Elaine Beller
Relationship between pull-out strength and oscillation angle in bipolar cups: an in vitro study PDF
Nobuhiro Kaku, Tomonori Tabata, Hiroshi Tsumura
A weighted scoring system to differentiate malignant liposarcomas from benign lipomas PDF
Shiyao Wang, Lester Wai Mon Chan, Xiaodong Tang, Chang Su, Chunfang Zhang, Kunkun Sun, Danhua Shen, Hao Chen, Wei Guo
Bioceramic bone graft substitute for treatment of unicameral bone cysts PDF
Yale Allyn Fillingham, Gregory L Cvetanovich, Bryan D Haughom, Brandon J Erickson, Steven Gitelis
Wide resection versus curettage with adjuvant therapy for giant cell tumour of bone PDF
Achmad Fauzi Kamal, Edi Leonardo Simbolon, Yogi Prabowo, Errol Untung Hutagalung
Alloreactivity and immunosuppressive properties of articular chondrocytes from osteoarthritic cartilage PDF
Satomi Abe, Hitoshi Nochi, Hiroshi Ito
Compression and flexural strength of bone cement mixed with blood PDF
JH Tan, Bryan T. H. KOH, AK Ramruttun, Wilson Wang
Effect of povidone iodine and hydrogen peroxide on fracture healing: a histomorphometric study on rats PDF
Kurniadi Husodo, Achmad Fauzi Kamal, Achmad Aulia Yusuf
Acute bacterial osteomyelitis in children PDF
Andrew Chia Chen Chou, Arjandas Mahadev
Tibial tubercle to trochlear groove distance and index in children with one-time versus recurrent patellar dislocation: a magnetic resonance imaging study PDF
Ching Sing Nicholas yeoh, Kai Yet Lam
Proximal versus distal screw placement for biceps tenodesis: a biomechanical study PDF
Daniel Johannes De Villiers, Brian Loh, Mark Tacey, Prue Keith
Mid-term outcome of total elbow replacement for rheumatoid arthritis PDF
Huw Williams, Thayur Madhusudhan, Amit Sinha

Review Article

Review article: Risk factors for poor outcome following surgical treatment for rotator cuff tear PDF
Vishal Sahni, Ashish M Narang

Case Reports

Atypical periprosthetic femoral fracture: a case report PDF
Siu Bon Woo, Siu Tong Choi, Wai Lam Chan
Posterior spinal instrumented fusion for idiopathic scoliosis in patients with multisystemic neurodegenerative disorder: a report of two cases PDF
Kwong Weng Loh, Chris Yin Wei Chan, Chee Kidd Chiu, Mohd Shahnaz Bin Hasan, Mun Keong Kwan

Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor: Morbidity and in-hospital mortality after hip fracture surgery on weekends versus weekdays PDF
Sarang Kasture, Koldo Azurza, Steven John Kent
Letter to the Editor: A clinical and ultrasonographic study of risk factors for elbow injury in young baseball players PDF
LEVENT ADIYEKE, Tahir Mutlu Duymus, Serkan Tuna, Tsuyoshi Tajika
Letter to the Editor: Wrist fusion through centralisation of the ulna for recurrent giant cell tumour of the distal radius PDF
ABHIJEET ASHOK SALUNKE, Amit Chakraborty, Harshwardhan Pokharkar, Jaymin Shah, Dinesh Kumar Meena
Letter to the Editor: Segmental excision versus intralesional curettage with adjuvant therapy for giant cell tumour of bone PDF
ABHIJEET ASHOK SALUNKE, Vikas Warikoo, Harshwardhan Sahajwani, Amit Chakraborty, Jaymin Shah, Harshwardhan Pokharkar, Chen Yongsheng
Letter to the Editor: Osteochondromatosis and osteochondroma involving bilateral patella and patellar tendon: a case report PDF
ABHIJEET ASHOK SALUNKE, Amit B Chakraborty, Jaymin Shah
Letter to the Editor: Platelet-rich plasma versus steroid injection for subacromial impingement syndrome PDF
Tahir Mutlu Duymus, Levent Adiyeke, Serkan Tuna

ISSN: 1022-5536