Acute calcification of intervertebral disc and posterior longitudinal ligament in a 7-year-old girl: a case report

Churk Hang Li, Tun Hing Lui, Wai Kit Ngai


A 7-year-old girl presented with a 2-day history of acute neck pain without any preceding injury. The pain was around the left posterior paraspinal muscle and was aggravated by neck movement. There was no neurological abnormality; white cell count and inflammatory markers were slightly elevated. Radiology of the cervical spine showed calcification of C3/4 and C4/5 discs as well as the posterior longitudinal ligament over C3/4. She was treated conservatively with a neck collar and Panadol syrup. No non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug was prescribed. Two months later, calcification of the posterior longitudinal ligament had resolved and calcification at C3/4 and C4/5 discs and the C4 lower endplate had decreased. After one year, she was painfree with no tenderness over her neck and had full range of neck motion and complete resolution of the calcification.


calcinosis; intervertebral disc; ossification of posterior longitudinal ligament

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